Zoom Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask
Zoom Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask
Zoom Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask
Zoom Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask
Zoom Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask

Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask


A savior for acne-prone skin! The all-natural mask with Kaolin clay and activated charcoal instantly and visibly clears pores and calms breakouts.

This clay mask pulls out toxins and calms breakouts. Activated Charcoal targets skin congestion and clogged pores. while Kaolin Clay cleans out dead skin cell build-up. The results? Clear, blemish-free, poreless-looking skin

2 oz. Glass Jar


  • Purifying + Detoxifying
  • Clearing
  • Smoothing


Skin Type: All

How Often: 1-2 times a week

Smell: Fresh Rose

  • step 1 - choose mixer
  • Step 1 - Choose your mixer! Yogurt, honey or water.
  • step 2 - mix 1 tsp mask + 1 tsp mixer
  • Step 2 - Mix 1 tsp of your mask to 1 tsp of your mixer.
  • step 3 - apply
  • Step 3 - Apply onto skin.
  • step 4 - wash
  • Step 4 - Once it dries, wash off + follow with Face Oil.

You choose what to mix it with: purified water, raw honey or organic plain yogurt.

Mixing w/ Purified Water - Best for All Skin Types:
softens; purifies; balances skins PH (which means the skin will be at its healthiest and can protect itself from bacteria & pollutants).

Mixing w/ Raw Honey - Best for Dry Skin:
Anti-bacterial (great for acne prone skin) antioxidant rich (anti-aging) clears pores, extremely moisturizing & soothing.

Mixing w/ Organic Yogurt Benefits - Best for Oily/Acne Prone Skin:
Filled with natural lactic acid, dissolves dead skin + tightens pores; prevents breakouts; works to diminish fine lines; evens skin tone w/ gentle exfoliation.

rolled oats

Rolled Oats
Soothe + reduce inflammation, super calming for all skin types.

rose petals

Rose Petals
Not just for a bouquet. They help to retain moisture + soften your skin.

kaolin clay

Kaolin Clay
Absorbent and exfoliating (also the gentlest clay, so it’s great for sensitive skin).


Deep cleans skin, removing breakout causing impurities naturally.

Ingredients/Ingrédients: Kaolinite (White Clay), Avena Sativa (Rolled Oats), Carbones (Charcoal), Rosa Centifolia (Rose Petals) and/et Essential Blend/Huile Essentielles.

Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask