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Arbonne True Hair Daily Shampoo


Arbonne True Hair Daily Shampoo


Wash your way to healthy-looking hair through moisture. Ideal for daily use by all hair types, including those with dry hair, oily hair and color-treated hair alike, this gentle, low-lather vegan shampoo effectively cleanses, removes buildup and rinses clean, leaving no residue behind. Formulated with mild plant-based surfactants that don't strip the hair of its essential moisture, Pea Protein for strengthening benefits, 82% ingredients of natural origin and a fragrance derived from natural botanicals and essential oils, this vegan shampoo helps nourish the hair by providing moisture that helps prevent breakage and damage.


  • Plant-based surfactants gently wash hair without stripping it of essential moisture
  • Rinses clean without leaving behind residue that could cause dryness or oily buildup
  • With 82% ingredients from natural origin, the formula delivers phenomenal performance*
  • Fragrance derived from natural botanicals and essential oils
  • Mild formula is gentle enough for daily use on all hair types, including color-treated



*Percentage is determined by weight within the overall formula, transparently indicating the percentage of the finished product that is derived from ingredients of natural origin.




All Hair Types, Dry Hair, Oily Hair, Daily Use, Hair Shampoo, Clean





B Corp Certified
Vegan Certified
Gluten-Free Certified
Cruelty-Free Certified

Pea Protein

Moisturizes to help prevent breakage or brittleness.

Sustainably Sourced Baobab

Studied to increase hair strength, this ingredient helps repair damage by nourishing hair from root to tip with essential moisture.

Ashwagandha Root, , with antioxidant properties, conditions to reduce the effects of environmental stress such as dryness or humidity, helping hair look healthy and lustrous.


Massage this vegan shampoo through wet hair.


Add additional water to help increase lather.


Rinse well.


Follow with Arbonne True Hair Daily Conditioner.


To securely close product, press center of cap.


Arbonne True Hair Daily Shampoo